Living in Des Moines, Kansas City is such a quick and easy trip to make. My cousin and his fiancé moved there a few years ago and invited a bunch of us to visit.  Growing up I was closest to this cousin– as my sister and other cousin would be playing karaoke and choreographing the latest Brittany Spears song, we would be playing Super Nintendo.  This was my family in Iowa City (which was mentioned previously here), and we would see them nearly every other weekend. As we became adults, our lives and responsibilities drew us apart and our get togethers were much less frequent. My cousin mentioned how we used to make fun of our parents for sitting in a circle staring at each other talking, but that’s exactly what we did this past weekend. There’s was a lot to catch up on!

The Cousins
The Significant Others

Not surprisingly, a lot of conversation took place amongst beer and food. My husband and I were really itching to see some of the craft brew scene and got a little taste of it at Yard House. This restaurant bar reminded me of El Bait because of the enormous beer selection. You could also buy beer by the half yard- a whopping 36 ounces. I had a pint of KC Bier Co Dunkel and also a non local beer Fruli Strawberry fruit ale. Both were a delicious ying & yang.

That evening we visited HopCat in Westport. Another great beer selection and some funky food. I had Martin City Brew Co. Alchemy Coffee Stout, which turned out to be the hit of the night. I say that because my cousin, my sister, and her boyfriend all ended up ordering one throughout dinner. My husband had Raspberry Jam from Tallgrass Brewing- a Berliner Weiss (sour).  Raspberry Jam was a safe, tasty choice since we can get the Manhattan Kansas based brewery’s beer at HyVee back home. Also, underneath Hopcat there’s a secret, reservation only Tiki Bar aptly named TikiCat.

The next morning we brunched and played at TopGolf. This was my first time there, and if you’re unfamiliar it’s a golf range with sensors in the balls to track your score based on distance. I was a little nervous to play. I haven’t played golf in over a decade when I used to play with my dad. But,once I had a few warm up swings and changed my club, I got my team 62 points and wasn’t the worst player! Afterwards, we had a quick lunch and headed back home. When I said quick earlier I meant it! We really wanted to stay longer since we don’t get together with my cousins much, but we’re hoping we can go down to visit again soon.

So I need your help– for our next trip to KC where should we hit up? What breweries and restaurants are your favorite? Let me know down in the comments!