Hey everyone! I know it’s been 3 months since my last post, but I had a good excuse… I married the love of my life in May! The professional photos from our wedding photographer, Brittany Todd, are not ready yet; but, she gave us glimpse with a preview and we’re so excited to see the rest.




The wedding was on Saturday, May 20th at Summerset Winery in Indianola. I still can’t believe I’m talking about it in the past tense! We got in engaged in November, 2015 and had spent 1.5 years planning for an event that only lasted several hours– so I still have a whiplash!  We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day: the sun came out, the vineyard was gorgeous, and we were surrounded by the love of family and friends while we read our own vows.


Since this is a food blog, I did want to mention the celebratory beverages we had that night as well as dessert. We selected from Summerset the Vidal Blanc (crisp,dry white), Frontenac (peppery, table-red), Swenson Red (fruity, light, blush), and the Festiva (sparkling white) as wine options. And of course these craft-beer heads had to have some Exile– the Hannah and Ruthie– as the beer options. Cupcake Addict did our dessert and we had a marble cake atop a cupcake tower with chocolate volcano, raspberry almond, and lemon blueberry cupcakes.


Now that things have settled down, I’m excited to get back to blogging and I have a BUNCH of ideas of things I want to discuss and recipes to try. Summer officially began last Wednesday so I’ll be experimenting with ice cream flavors and venturing to new breweries. The husband and I went to the Iowa Craft Beer Festival the other weekend and found new taprooms we want to visit– you can definitely expect a post in the future covering this event.

I was also thinking about posting some photos from the honeymoon if you all are interested. Being that the husband and I are alike the honeymoon was definitely food-centric. We were in Italy– how could we not eat well? So let me know!