I swear I drink other beers that are not sours. Believe it or not some people have a certain distain for sours. A friend of mine thinks it’s a disgrace to actual beer since “mankind has been refining yeast strains for a millennia and now we decide to use wild strains to undo everything we’ve worked to achieve!” But you know what? I don’t care. I love sours and now that the weather is warming up they are coming into season again.

Madhouse-FlightTo kick off spring Madhouse Brewing had a Mexican themed party and released two new sours: Paradise Found and Galaxy Haze. We got a flight of sours which had those two, but also the Black & Blue and the Satori Saison (the fifth beer was El Jefe [not a sour]). My favorite was the Paradise Found. Madhouse describes it as possessing flavors similar to a margarita and I could definitely taste the lime! Very tart and refreshing. My least favorite was the Black & Blue. The beer had this artificial candy smell to it! I spent a good time just sniffing it (probably looked like a psycho), because I could not figure out what it reminded me of. Once I tasted it I put two and two together. It tasted like a commercially made blueberry pie- the sickly sweet hyper blue filling.

There’s going to be more craft beer posts coming in the future. The market has really exploded in Iowa and our beer map with 53 breweries is already outdated. The Iowa Brewers Guild has a new map with 70 breweries listed so we really need to catch up!

Also, if you didn’t catch from my previous posts, I’m getting married in less than 2 months! But, for my bachelorette party we’re heading up to Minnesota, which was rated a top craft beer state, to see how they compare. It’s the 2017 Brew Tour- Minneapolis Edition. So get excited for that!