curious cookery

a place where a love for food and adventurous eating intersect



Welcome to Curious Cookery, I’m glad you’re here! My name is Holly and I have a passion for cooking, adventurous eating, and Iowa craft beer. I created this space for people like me who enjoy new experiences whether that be an ingredient, flavor combination, restaurant, or brewery.  My hope is you will come along for the journey and become more inspired and fearless in your own kitchen.

While in Spain I had the magical combination of a lot of free time and access to good ingredients. During my 9 month stay, what started as small simple meals- such as brown rice and an egg over easy- turned into whole roast chicken on a near weekly basis. Once I started cooking for myself and discovering how a few good ingredients could become a delicious meal I was hooked.

In August of 2018 I decided to become a culinary professional and am currently a student at Iowa Culinary Institute. Along with recipes you’ll find updates from my classes as well as other writings about food.

If you’re new to the site here are some of my favorite posts:






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